What is the fire protection in the container and the fire behaviour of the materials used?

All materials and building materials used by ProContain are classified according to DIN 4102-1 or EN13501-1.
Here are some examples:

  • Mineral wool: A1 (non-combustible)
  • Polystyrene insulation panels: B1 (flame retardant)
  • Plastic-coated wood-based panel: B2 (normally flammable)
  • PVC floor covering: B1 (flame-retardant)

In addition, standard drywall constructions are possible after corresponding manufacturer approval. For the ProBasic/ProEnergy series, we achieve the fire protection targets F30 to F90.

In what sizes are the ProContain containers available?

For the ProEco model series, the available lengths are 1.518 m / 3.000 m / 6.058 m, the width 2.438 / 3.000 m, an external height of 2.800 m and a clear room height of 2.500 m. For the ProBasic model series, the available lengths are 3,000 -12,192 m, the width 2,500 m / 3,000 m, an outside height of 2,800 m and a clear room height of 2,500 m. The model series ProEnergy on the other hand, offers a length of 6,058-14,646 m, a width of 2,500 / 3,000 m, an outside height of 3,000-3,250 m and a clearance height of 2,500-2,750 m. In case of an order, the static documents can be made available or created. It should be emphasised that our steel construction is self-supporting up to 6.00 m in standard cases.

What snow loads can the ProContain containers withstand?

In the standard container ProBasic a roof load of 100 kg/m² (1,000 N/m²) according to the existing statics applies. Further proofs of the roof load lie at 150 kg/m² (ProEco) and 250 kg/m² (Scandinavian version).

What is the permissible load on the floor?

The floor load is at 250 kg/m² (2,500 N/m²) - without single-case load on all floors. If necessary, increased ground loads with a separate static verification can also be provided upon request.