Residential container:
Purchasing container house as flexible accommodation

Creating economically justifiable and livable resident space is a real challenge. Resident containers create mobile resident space quickly and cost-effectively and have considerable advantages for municipalities and cities. Thanks to the ProContain container solutions, highly efficient buildings can be put up. Whether for students, senior citizens or asylum seekers: Depending on requirements, we build a house from containers - with single and family apartments or flat-sharing communities with common recreational areas and private retreat areas as well as single or shared bathrooms.

Whether as a short-term interim solution or a longer-term accommodation: A container house is ready at short hand. After installation, the buildings are immediately ready for occupation and are upon request fully equipped - including furniture, hot water heating system, electrics, foundations, outdoor facilities, access roads and parking spaces. In addition, buildings made of residential containers are adjusted to fluctuations in demand. The container construction method enables fast extension, adaptation and dismantling. If required, the systems can be relocated and reused after the service life has expired.

Resident container systems for all needs

For a friendly appearance we adapt the colour of the facades to the wishes of your customers. Whether 20 or 200 residents: Everyone can feel comfortable and welcome in the buildings. Safety is also ensured by modern fire alarm systems and escape route as well as safety lighting. In addition, the ProContain resident containers have generous square metre areas so that there are plenty of opportunities for retreat. All residential containers manufactured by us consist of stable steel frame constructions, which allow a construction of up to three storeys.

We also use pollutant-free building materials that ensure a pleasant and healthy indoor climate. High insulation values in wall construction ensure a pleasant resident feeling even with exterior noise. All resident containers are equipped with insulated windows and heaters with infinitely variable temperature selectors. Nowadays resident containers offer everything that an ordinary house can offer. With the flexible container houses you are prepared for everything - whether as long-term accommodation or as a short interim solution.

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