What accessories do you offer?

We are happy to offer you furnishings on request, such as desks, swivel chairs, beds, tables, lockers, paper baskets, magnetic strips and medical inventory, etc. Moreover, also special equipment such as air-conditioning units, special floor coverings, VDU workstation lights, kitchens, cable ducts, canopies, staircases and landing systems, etc. are included in the ProContain product range.

What possibilities does ProContain offer for heating and cooling within the containers?

ProContain offers compact air conditioners, wall mounted air conditioners or wall split air conditioners. The preferred standard variant is still the radiator supplemented by a separate compact air conditioner. The wall air conditioner we offer is a more elegant alternative to the compact air conditioners, as only 2 rosettes are visible from the outside instead of the large external unit. It also has a heating function and the noise level is much lower than a comparable compact unit. A disadvantage of split air-conditioning systems is continues to be the impossibility to regulate the temperature uniformly in the room.

In which colours are the ProContain containers available?

In principle we orientate ourselves on the RAL colour palette. The colours are divided into different price categories. We will be happy to send you the corresponding price table upon request. In addition, we also offer other colour systems such as NCS colours etc.