From P1 to PROFIL

Edition 2/2016

Silvia Matschke

Dear readers,

in case you visited our website in last days, you have definitely already noticed that several things have changed.

The most obvious change might be our new Corporate Identity – thanks to this our website and our brochures are visibly more modern now. And the separate corporate divisions are clearly defined. What remains: Since 1968 we are manufacturer of the original containers – with that, we are serving selected stores and the building sector with highest quality.

Related to the new brand appearance is also the redesigning of our costumer magazine – the old p1 turned into the new PROFIL. You are holding the result in your hands now. We hope you like it!

In this edition we are reporting successful projects with our long-standing business partners as well as our own employees. Become more familiar with our sales team! We are not only presenting you the workforce but also their work fields and responsibilities.

I hope you enjoy reading our new PROFIL!

Silvia Matschke


ENJOY EATING - the ProContain-canteen of the "IGS Mühlenberg"

Since a long time, the integrated comprehensive school in Hannover, district Mühlenberg is in need of mayor restructuring. But this is about to change. Already since 2013, the city constructs a new building. The quadrennial construction phase and the relocation of the 1,850 students and 200 teachers proceeds in different stages – supported by ProContain.

In the spring of 2015 the new classrooms have been finished and the school was able to move into the new building. What was missing was room for a school canteen and library. The solution was to place a container unit intermediately on the new school premises.

For the construction of the temporary solution, the City of Hannover contacted the company "Heiner Miet- und Vertriebs GmbH", a long-standing customer of ProContain. Our rental modules of the product series ProEnergy provided ideal conditions and could already be used in March 2015 after two month of planning and two weeks of construction.

"The single modules show some special features", tells ProContain sales partner Lars Heiner. "As it concerns an integrated comprehensive school, the whole unit had to be furnished fully accessible." For that reason, the library is equipped with electrical door-openers. Additionally, the toilets are suitable for the disabled. Beyond that both buildings are constructed according to the fire protection class F30.

"We planned the electrical installation for the canteen kitchen completely according to the costumers requirements" , Heiner remembers. The school could put the already available kitchen equipment from the old canteen into the new one. At the beginning of April 2015 the canteen and the library went in operation and will probably be used until the beginning of 2017. Then they will be replaced by the new buildings.


COMPLETELY WITHOUT THEATRE - The ProEco administration building at the theatre in Dortmund

At present, the theatre in Dortmund equals an enormous building site. The over 50 year old building will be completely redeveloped and renovated in order to guarantee current health and safety regulations as well as regulations concerning fire protection. After the repair shops, also the administration department had to move out of the old building. The department finds a new home in a large container unit, that was built up together with our customer Bloedorn.

The company Bloedorn is a long-standing partner of ProContain. It is specialized on the sale and renting of modules in the Ruhr district. Therefore, no wonder that the procurement authority Dortmund counts on local competences of Bloedorn and ProContain when awarding projects.

A challenge for the construction consisting of 20 units was the narrow time window. Only four weeks were between the placing of order at the end of March and the turnkey handover in April. “At that point the corporate planning with ProContain has been very important”, Mathias Weber, project manager of Bloedorn notes. “Like that, the container unit could be handed over to the user after a quick assembling.” Shortly thereafter the theatre Dortmund instructed the expansion of the unit on 14 modules. This will be realized in autumn.

This project proves the quality and flexibility of the ProEco System. “Because of the easy rebuilding of the ProEco wall systems, a quick realization was possible.”, Jens Mauelshagen, project manager of ProContain explains. “Our customer could use the units of the already existing but also fit the individual ground plan requirements of the customer. After the period of usage through the theatre in Dortmund, Bloedorn can reinstall the ProEco module quickly, low-wearly and cost-effectively and rent it again to new customers.


JERSEYS FOR THE SMALLEST - ProContain sponsors sweat suits for the JSG Wippetal

The local young football players are beaming: ProContain has sponsored new sweat suits for the youth of the JSG Wippetal. From now on the team members are wearing the ProContain logo on their backs. The club is happy: “Some children did not want to take off the suits during the first days” says the thank-you letter of the teams. “The children will pay it back with top performance.”. It is a promise kept: The club celebrated the second and third rank in a tournament!

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