the specialist in container construction

As a specialist within the ALHO Group, ProContain concentrates on the manufacture of high-quality space solutions "Made in Germany" - from simple standard containers to complex container buildings.

Today the ALHO Group, with more than 1,000 employees and Europe-wide activities, is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers in system construction.

It all began in 1967 with the production of wooden barracks, construction, office, sleeping and toilet cars for the construction industry. Within a very short time the production program established itself on the market. In 1968 our parent company was the first manufacturer to change the design of the construction wagons that were common at the time. The wooden wall skeleton and cladding was turned into a steel wall skeleton with an outer cladding of galvanised profiled sheet metal. This was the beginning of today's container construction. This makes our containers an original quality.

From construction wagons to container construction

In 1971 the production of standardised room containers started. Sound and heat insulation became more important on the construction site - and with its product developments our parent company ALHO proved that standardised mobile space units and the desire for comfort are no longer mutually exclusive.

Over time, stationary and thus permanent solutions based on system units increasingly expanded the production program and were further developed to a modular design. The company ALHO Systembau developed into a specialist within the group of companies for this type of construction, while ProContain established itself on the market as an expert in the field of container construction.

Today we operate from two locations in Morsbach-Lichtenberg and Dresden-Coswig. Our production includes containers for office and management buildings, schools, kindergartens, daycare, residential homes and for construction sites and other buildings.

We supply these products to container dealers and lessors in Germany and other European countries - and sometimes even beyond.

We attach great importance to the high quality of our products, which we manufacture in Coswig in Saxony and Morsbach in North Rhine-Westphalia under the strictest quality guidelines. The use of healthy, high-quality materials from German brand manufacturers guarantees the long service life of our products - and the health of the users.

Entrepreneurial spirit, reliability, partnership and, last but not least, consistent customer orientation distinguish us as a family-run company. Today as much as it did then. Find out more about our mission statement or inform yourself on our career website about how you too can become a part of our "family".