dismountable containers

Logistically clever: With the ProFlatpack container, you can transport ProEco or ProBasic containers from one place to another - worldwide. The containers are dismantled and shipped for this purpose. Thanks to this transport solution, eight instead of two containers fit on one truck train. This is not only practical, but also economical.

Within a short time the dismountable containers are assembled, fully functional and ready for use. Transportation is also simple: In just a few simple steps, a standard ProFlatpack container can be converted back into a dismountable ProFlatpack container. The available equipment depends on the ProEco or ProBasic product group you have selected.

Technical Data ProFlatpack

Model series
Type of application
Construction containers, office containers and conference rooms, residential accommodation
Up to 75% lower transport costs as it can be dismantled
Type statics
for max. 3 storeys
ProBasic disassembled
Height above the spreader corners:
0,710 m - Type 10
0,810 m - Type 20
ProEco disassembled
Height above the spreader corners:
0,660 m Typ 10 und Typ 20
when built
6,058 x 2,438 m / 3,000 x 2,800 m,
Clear room height 2.500 m
Parcel height
Up to 0.71 m above the spreader corner -
8 pieces on one truck
Parcel height
0.81 m above the spreader corner -
6 pieces on one truck

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