the economical standard container

Economical and high-quality: The ProEco container sets new standards with regard to price and performance. The high-quality container is particularly suitable as a temporary solution for construction site offices, transitional buildings or sanitary containers. The galvanised, welded steel frame makes the ProEco particularly corrosion-resistant and durable. The extremely light window and door elements of the ProEco can be freely moved and replaced. Only a single technician is needed to completely assemble and reassemble the container. You can rely on the German brand quality of ProContain!

Simple and complex container systems can be created from the various standard types, which are available in three lengths and two widths. There are 10 container types to choose from, from empty containers to utilities, shower and toilet containers to corridors. The container buildings made of ProEco units can be stacked up to three storeys and accessed via an external staircase. Whether as construction site accommodation, construction site offices, sanitary containers or as a temporary solution for conversion and renovation measures: ProEco is the economical and flexible solution for construction and industry. Brand containers from ProContain: last longer, deliver more.

The advantages of ProEco

The advantages of the ProEco and thus also the benefits for your and our customers lie above all in the well thought-out and robust design. The container frame is fully galvanized and welded. This makes the ProEco particularly stable and durable. For you and your customers this means longer service life, less maintenance - and a higher resale value.

The ProEco has type statics for up to three storeys and for floor loads of 200 kg/m² on all storeys.


This means that you are not subject to any restrictions if you wish to assemble a multi-storey container building with different rooms from the ProEco types, such as offices and sanitary areas.

The respective wall, door and window elements are interchangeable. The ProEco roof is designed as a trough deck with internal drainage through down pipes, supported in all four corners. In this way, the water is collected and discharged in a targeted manner.

The ingenious ProEco wall system

The wall construction of the ProEco consists of sandwich elements with smooth sheet metal on both sides and PU foam core. The wall elements are therefore insensitive to moisture and cannot absorb any moisture, which means that the elements can also be stored outdoors. In addition, the wall elements are very easy to clean. Only three types of walls are required for regular operation: the solid wall element, the door element and the window element. Otherwise no other components are needed for the wall construction apart from a power supply. The wall is completely magnetic due to the inner smooth sheet metal, so that no magnetic strips or similar need to be attached.

These wall elements are very light with approx. 21 kg for a solid wall element. This allows that only one person alone assembles and rebuilds the walls. A technician assembles or disassembles a complete exterior wall in approx. 20 minutes or replaces a defective wall element in less than 30 minutes. The conversion of two single containers into a double combination takes less than 90 minutes - and that again with only one technician.

With a thermal insulation value of U-value 0.345 W/m²K in the exterior walls, ProEco is very energy-efficient for its product category, which means low energy costs for the end consumer.

Technical Data ProEco

Operating time
temporary solution
Type of application
Construction site accommodation, construction site offices, sanitary containers, temporary solution for conversion or renovation measures
galvanized welded steel frame, sandwich walls with PUR core
Type statics
for max. 3 storeys
2,0 kN/m²
Snow load
1,0 kN/m²
Fire protection
Heat transfer coefficient
according to DIN EN ISO 10211 / in compartment
Roof U = 0,412 W/m²K
Wall U = 0,380 W/m²K
Floor U = 0,598 W/m²K
Length 3,000 / 6,058 m
Width 2,438 / 3,000 m
External height 2,800 m
Clear room height 2,500 m

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