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ProContain - the original quality - not only stands for brand quality "Made in Germany", but also for consistently high production standards, maximum durability, value retention and flexibility. We shape our future with a goal-oriented and efficient corporate policy that benefits everyone: our employees and partners and above all our customers.

Our aim is to be one of the most innovative manufacturers of system containers in the world. This mission statement defines the requirements that we place on our products, services and ourselves when dealing with customers, partners and employees.

Together we consciously and openly face the challenges of our time and see our mission statement as a philosophy to which we are committed.

Our goals - that's what we want to achieve! Goals set the direction and standards that need to be measurably achieved. At the same time they are the motivation to think ahead and to be better than others. We have defined clear strategic priorities and have set ourselves ambitious goals. They stand for the strong strategy of ProContain GmbH and are trend-setting for our entrepreneurial activities. In order to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves in a direct manner and with common understanding, we have formulated ways that will help us to move forward.

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The focus of our activities is the proximity to our national and international customers, with whom we maintain an open and cooperative dialogue. With our experience and professional competence, we stand by your side and provide comprehensive and individual advice - from the idea to the handover of the keys.

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Qualified and motivated employees are an important success factor for ProContain. Good cooperation is therefore particularly important for us. Our basic attitude towards each individual is characterised by respect, recognition and esteem. We encourage and reward performance and initiatives. Good working conditions and a high degree of social security are preconditions for employee satisfaction. Through targeted training and further education we enable them to carry out their respective tasks in a customer- and solution-oriented manner.

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We attach great importance to an atmosphere of personal appreciation in our company and in an open dialogue with our partners. These are the preconditions for fair cooperation. With regard to product, service and process quality, we set the highest standards and transfer this quality claim to our partners. Together with them we continuously work on an optimal process design and product development.

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As a traditional company we have an economic and ecological obligation to future generations. We design our production processes to be as resource-conserving and sustainable as possible. We are committed to the interests of our region, assume social responsibility and maintain jobs. As a training company we offer young persons good prospects for the future.

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Maximum longevity, value retention and flexibility are the hallmarks of ProContain's versatile product portfolio. Brand quality "Made in Germany" and high production standards ensure our customers a fast availability of their space solution according to their wishes.

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As a leading manufacturer of system containers we set standards in technology, service and quality that are geared to optimum customer benefit and requirements. We deal openly with mistakes. This enables us to identify these at an early stage and use them as an opportunity for improvement. Through targeted process control and ongoing weak-point analyses, we aim to achieve continuous optimisation of our products and all organisational processes.

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