Technology containers:
flexible spatial solutions for technical equipment

Continuously expanding structures and the extension of technical facilities and equipment — especially in the fields of IT as well as in analysis and energy supply — make it necessary to create secure spatial solutions quickly. If there is a lack of space, setting up individual technology containers or a container system from ProContain is a quick, economical and flexible solution for technical equipment.  Whether you need a container for laboratories, analysis, control cabinets or measurement equipment: Our high-quality production standards guarantee maximum sturdiness, durability and value retention of our container solutions. Are you looking for an interim solution or a permanent solution for extended use? With ProContain, you have the perfect partner for turnkey technology containers for a wide range of applications.

When planning technical spaces, the material and construction requirements vary significantly according to field of use: safety and protection from noise and heat development, water and security from break-in as well as flexible spatial design must be taken into consideration for each specific application. We deliver technology containers for a wide range of application areas such as low-voltage and medium-voltage systems, analysis pumps, i.e. mobile data centers, for use as control centers of for laboratories. All containers can be used individually or can be combined to serve as complete buildings. Expansion or conversion into a wide range of setup configurations can be accomplished simply and economically — according to your requirements entirely.

Low-voltage equipment

Analysis container

Data center

Control container

Laboratory container

Container floor plan

Advantages of Technology Containers from ProContain

All containers may be combined and set up as multi-floor structures. Varying lengths, widths and heights are available. The lengths range from 6.058 m to 14.646 m, the widths from 2.500 m to 3.400 m and the clear room heights from 2.500 m to 2.750 m. We offer solutions for individual floor load capacities and fire-resistance classes. The interchangeable wall systems permit a high degree of flexibility.

The Technology of our Containers in Detail

The wide selection of facades, from plaster over metal cassettes to auxiliary facades made of wood, Trespa (high-pressure laminate) or Eternit (fiber cement) permits individual exterior design of our technology containers. In addition to the requirements of DIN 4108, construction of the container walls also meets the current EnEV (Energy Saving Ordinance), thus it is energy efficient and suited for a service life of greater than 24 months. Fire-protection class requirements from F30 - F90 and resistance classes relating to prevention of break-in meet the requirements specified in DIN 1627. This provides optimum conditions for the storage and installation of your technology. Openings for cables or pressure regulation as well as fixtures for Halfen rails may be positioned individually.

Two variations are available for the floor: The standard built-in double-floor permits uncomplicated installation of supply and discharge lines. It holds up to 10.0 kN/m² compression force and thus is suited for storage of heavy goods. Installation of the double-floor with a concrete basin into the floor provides barrier-free access to the interior of the container and simultaneously creates natural cooling which has a positive effect on energy efficiency.

Application Areas for the Technology Container

Technology containers from ProContain are not intended for human inhabitance, rather they were developed specifically as spatial solutions for technical equipment. The intended purpose, and thus, the associated technical configuration of the containers is taken into consideration at the very beginning of planning and individually coordinated to match your requirements. We plan and implement prefabricated technology containers in close cooperation with our customers for a wide range of application areas, such as:

  • laboratory containers, analysis and measurement containers, e.g. for research, development, pharmaceutical industry, chemical and medical technology,
  • switch and control containers for plant engineering or control rooms,
  • technology containers for equipment such as transformer stations, cogeneration units, energy reservoirs or refrigeration equipment,
  • mobile data centers or for telecommunications.

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