Containers for school, kindergarten, daycare:
best conditions for learning

Fluctuating student numbers, the expansion of all-day services or overtime supervision - these are just some of the challenges schools face today. And they all mean a growing need for space. Fast and individual solutions that can be easily adapted to changing conditions: ProContain container buildings are the ideal concept for this. And our time window for the construction period is no longer than the holidays.

Compliance with the latest building regulations, school building and GUV guidelines is self evident. The container solutions from ProContain support modern teaching, learning and instructing methods - irrespective of whether these are alternative classes during renovation and refurbishment measures in the product lines ProEco and ProBasic or a complete school buildings with a service life of more than 24 months in the series ProEnergy or ProLife.

Feel good:
high-quality daycare and kindergarten containers

Modern daycare buildings have to perform a lot at once. Because they accompany the child's daily routine in every phase. There must be enough space for movement and self-determined play, but also enough space for rest and relaxation. ProContain containers for daycare centres and kindergartens are ideal for carrying out many and above all open design possibilities in the shortest time possible.

Playing, learning, sleeping - ProContain container solutions for daycare centres and kindergartens can accompany every phase of small children's everyday lives spatially. The focus is always on the feel-good factor, which is achieved by a comfortable room climate, so that small and large users feel completely at home in our container buildings. And should the need change, the building can easily be rebuilt, demolished or even relocated.

Container building for universities

Rising student numbers lead to a tense situation at not a few universities. In order to master capacity bottlenecks quickly and efficiently, ProContain container buildings are the right solution. For example in the form of seminar or conference rooms, offices, lecture halls or refectories. They can be converted, extended, moved or even completely dismantled at any time.

Advantages of container construction for educational construction

There are many good reasons why our customers in the education sector have opted for decades for container buildings from ProContain as an alternative to conventionally built schools, daycare or kindergartens. Buildings made of containers can be set up at a very short notice - for example during the holidays. The container construction method allows an individual room layout and flexible floor plan design - large classrooms are possible in the flexible rooms with easily exchangeable walls as well as individual learning landscapes, small group concepts and the specialist room principle.

You can also benefit from the longevity of the ISO-certified quality "Made in Germany".

For a healthy learning and working environment we only use quality-tested and pollutant-free materials so that users can feel comfortable in our container buildings.

The container design of ProContain also scores well in terms of sustainability. It represents a very ecological construction method, since the resources are used very environmentally friendly in the production of the containers. The school container or daycare container itself as a resource can be used several times at different locations and in different buildings. And after a long period of use, our high-quality containers can be almost 100% recycled.

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